A drive through the bustling roads and  quaint alleyways leads me to my destination, the eclectic world of Niiyaa. As I look around, a softly lit window captures my attention. It beckons me to take a peek inside. The cozy ambience of the place mirrors the warm personalities of the co-founders, Aditi Tewari and Anurag Shrivastava. There's a quiet assurance in their taste that reflects in the designs. A lovely story goes behind the christening of the brand Niiyaa. Unravelling the many layers of human connection, humor and colours is the dominant element of the art that is created here. Artsy wraps are strewn around the place, each with a soul and character of its own, and replete with a quirky touch. Crafted to rock the fashion world, the pieces are a fabulous celebration of the intensely beautiful dimensions that lie in the imperfections of handlooms. The symphony of yarn and thread works together to soothe the senses. Elaborate craft techniques of weaving and embroidery have been incorporated in ways that have never been seen before. All the collections are a unique interpretation of the essence of the brand.

According to Aditi, "the aim is to give our customers strong wings to fly above the troubles of life. We do feel that there is a little bit of magic in everything, and it starts working for you when you truly believe in it." The pieces are infused with love and intent to create a restful place of art in a world filled with unrest. A lot of thought and emotion has gone into each stitch. The flow of slow stitches used to create the wraps infuses them with a depth and serenity, and gives you those moments to go within and be grateful for all that is. Niiyaa brings you centuries old crafts from far flung areas, and amalgamates them through a common thread. The inspiration has been drawn from travels to faraway places around the globe. Some of the floral and animal motifs are laced with interesting anecdotes, ancient traditions and a deep symbolism, they bring the wearer good health, joy, love and happiness. A re-emergence of the Silk Route can be seen in some of our hand-painted pieces inspired by the ancient trade network.

"We had a vision of weaving a fabric of strong human connections through our work, and we believed in it," says Anurag. The brand has been working tirelessly to revive the country's rich legacy of textiles and crafts, and generating sustainable employment for the artisans. Master weavers have mingled the wisdom of thousands of years with extraordinary skill and ingenuity, to create a new aesthetics of fashion that replenishes the soul. The aim is to seamlessly blend age-old craftsmanship with modern sensibilities to cater to a global audience. Innumerable hours and days that these textiles have spent absorbing the loving energy of the artisans makes them one's dearest companions. No matter what era these pieces flow into, their timeless beauty will seep into your soul. At the very heart of Niiyaa's ethos lies the desire to create a kinder world that embraces and nurtures our common humanity. The free-spirited wraps embody all that the brand stands for.