Indie Black - Reversible - Multicolored Cotton Woolen Shawl

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The tree of life is an ancient symbol that signifies the deep bond that connects all life on the planet. It is a bountiful and wish fulfilling divine tree in hindu mythology. Lord krishna is said to have spent his childhood playing under its leafy canopy.

In some of the Ajanta murals one can see people wearing garments decorated with delicatey painted lotus motifs.. As the name suggests, kalamkari is the art of painting exquisite patterns on fabric, using a bamboo reed that regulates the flow of colour. Birds of paradise perched on intertwined branches laden with blossoms feature prominently on this kalamkari applique work piece. The intense effulgence of colours that has emerged on fabric is breathtaking. Wrap it around and let nature embrace you with its rich warmth and beauty.
Wipe gently with a soft cloth
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Customer reviews
Shannon Kiehn
New York, US

Such beauty ! Such creativity !!
Alexa Babcock
Oklahoma City, US

I placed an order recently and received as a bonus, a small bag with bells and incense in it. It smells lovely.
Jenny San
Diego, US

Hi, I am wondering how I can find your face-wraps. I see your beautiful scarves, but can’t find your face-wrap that you advertised.
Sandy Mikolaski
Bellevue, US

THANK YOU so much and I am so glad I found your website. Beautiful products!
Chicago, US

Birthday gift for a dear friend. My friend was thrilled with the lovely scarf. She loved the colors!
Arun Goenka
Bangalore, India

Spectacular !