The Golden Yarn - Long Black and Beige Banarasi Silk Scarf

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Each silken strand of yarn narrates the story of its history and culture through the patterns and motifs woven on fabric. A treasure from Assam, muga silk is amongst the rarest and costliest silks in the world.

The paisley pattern is a curved teardrop-shaped motif, which has travelled across the silk route to leave a deep impression on the textile industry. In the past, a paisley shawl was a must-have in a woman's wardrobe, to be worn for important occasions.The bagh printed "ambis" have a striking similarity to patterns found on some fragments of vintage silk from the 19th century. Delicate flower butas along with a luxurious silk lining, impart a certain heritage, yet modern vibe to it.

Material & Care - 2 Panels of  Silk, 1 Panel of Banarasi Silk; Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Oblong; 184 x 41 Cms

Wipe gently with a soft cloth
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Customer reviews
Shannon Kiehn
New York, US

Such beauty ! Such creativity !!
Alexa Babcock
Oklahoma City, US

I placed an order recently and received as a bonus, a small bag with bells and incense in it. It smells lovely.
Jenny San
Diego, US

Hi, I am wondering how I can find your face-wraps. I see your beautiful scarves, but can’t find your face-wrap that you advertised.
Sandy Mikolaski
Bellevue, US

THANK YOU so much and I am so glad I found your website. Beautiful products!
Chicago, US

Birthday gift for a dear friend. My friend was thrilled with the lovely scarf. She loved the colors!
Arun Goenka
Bangalore, India

Spectacular !